Susan Castillo is a commercial photographer and print designer who graduated form Grays School of Art with a degree in craft and design in 2002, then subsequently went on to study photography at Glasgow Metropolitan. After completing her PDA and forging a career as a freelance photographer, Susan began to combine her skills and show contemporary photography out with the boundaries of a gallery or magazine.

“I’ve always been a creative person, as a kid I was rarely without a piece of paper and pen in my hand!”

As a designer herself, Susan has an intimate understanding of the creative process and applies this to her work, seeking to bring her subjects to life through artistic, contemporary photography. Her vivid, dramatic style imbues her work with a tactile quality, juxtaposing the everyday against the unexpected and bridging the gap between
photography and design to create something truly distinctive.

“My work is about much more than taking pictures - the camera is just a tool, like a paintbrush! I want to create impact-full work, and be involved in as much of the process as I can because for me, the creative journey from concept to realisation is the most interesting and rewarding part of the job.”

Susan’s love of what she does is apparent at every stage of the process, from the individual sketchbooks she creates for every project, to the detailed art direction, set building, lighting and styling that goes into all her work and that she also offers every client.

“My work is often described as having a painterly or even graphic quality, exploring the interplay of light and dark creating a dramatic chiaroscuro effect.  I’m always learning - it’s the journey that really matters most to me.”